You already know how to keep yourself in check to avoid a car accident. You always turn down for pedestrians or bad weather conditions. It is a sad truth, however, that you can be the most considerate person on the road, but that does not mean you are immune to driving accidents. In a sickening instant of crunching metal, it upends what you expected to be just another day. Here are steps to take after you are involved in an auto accident:

Pull Over Your Vehicle

Before you start gathering information from the other driver after a crash, it is important to get to safety as quickly as possible. If you had a minor fender bender, you do not have to leave the cars where they are. Often, the police will not come to file a report on a minor accident. Safely move out of the way of traffic, but if you cannot move your car without causing further damage, do not try. Your insurance company should be able to hire a tow truck to move it for you.

Make Sure Everybody Is Fine

Get medical attention for anyone who needs it. If a person is unconscious or has neck or back pain, do not move them until qualified medical help arrives, unless a hazard requires moving the person. If anyone is injured, request emergency services as well. Police are not necessarily required for every auto accident, but they do make the claims service go more smoothly. Once you have ensured that the police are on their way, you can return to your vehicle to wait for them.

Obtain Information

If you are able to gather all of the information and details, then you should have no problems in the future with asserting your rights to a claim or protecting yourself against a false claim. Printing the list above and storing it in your glove compartment, next to your registration and insurance, will help guarantee that you do not forget any relevant information related to the accident.

Give Your Insurance Company A Call

The claim will usually take 10-15 minutes to complete, so wait until you will have an uninterrupted space of time to report the accident. Most of the information your insurance company will ask should be on the police report, so filing the claim should be straightforward.