Road Trip Mystery Snacks


When we have a long drive, I'm always on the lookout for new ideas that will feel fresh. My kids are familiar with most of my normal road trip treats, and while they're effective, like anything else, they aren't the same draw they were in the beginning. Sometimes, it's time to freshen things up.


For our last trip, I took the girls on a snack shopping spree. We bought some of our standard snacks, but I also allowed them to choose some of our "never" foods - the ones I almost ALWAYS say no to. They were thrilled, and assumed we'd be packing them in the backseat cooler.


But this time, I took their love of blind bags and surprise openings, and combined that into these treats. I took some brown paper bags and put two servings of a snack into them. Could be a regular, healthy snack like clementines or apple slices or pretzels, but it could be a treat snack like cheese balls or twinkies. I numbered the bags and settled them in the front seat with me.


Every snack time, I switched off letting the girls "pick a number" and then passed the bag they'd chosen back to them. They loved trying to guess by the feel of the bag, and then opening it to find out what they'd be munching. It turned snack time into game time and gave them something to look forward to periodically during the trip. They'd strategize about where their favorites were hiding and chat about what they should pick next.

Such a simple thing, and yet, they've already requested it again!