Traveling with Multiple Generations 

Every family vacation finds us struggling to solve the same dilemma: how do we accommodate the different needs of the three generations traveling with us? With ages ranging from five to almost seventy-years-old, we've had a lot of success doing these things en route to and during our vacation:
  • Accommodate everyone's schedules: Based purely on better eyesight, the younger drivers drive during the dark shifts en route to our vacation destination. Once there, our older guests take the main floor bedrooms since they wake up much earlier than everyone else. This reserves the upper rooms for the young kids who still nap, ensuring mid-day snoozes won't be interrupted by activity on the main level of the house.¬†
  • Make frequent stops: Though we're (thankfully!) out of the throes of potty-training with the kids, we still schedule several stops along the way for bathroom breaks and leg stretching. And to be honest, some of us need to use the restroom more often than the kids!
  • Prevent "hanger:" Some of our passengers get cranky or even a little angry when they're hungry, hence "hangry," so we keep snacks on hand. We also keep them hidden until we absolutely need them, otherwise, they would be a source of tension rather than appeasement! We do the same thing on the beach; we're all about saving extra tips back to the house.
  • Take turns: Whether it's taking turns driving or making breakfast, we switch it up so everyone gets a change of scenery and has a chance to help out.
  • Unpack the smart way: We've learned the hard way not everyone pitches in when it comes to unpacking. Now we send a willing adult to the beach with the kids who need to run off pent-up energy and the rest of us focus on unpacking.¬†
  • Be patient: Patience when on the road and once at the destination is the number one tip for successful multi-generational travel. Be understanding and tolerant of one another and you're guaranteed a fabulous vacation!