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How to Play the Perfect Weekend Staycation

If you need a weekend away with your family but not looking to spend the money to actually travel anywhere, it's time to plan a staycation. No hotels, no long car rides, and no need to book a plane or train. All you need is time to make the plans and all of the hot-spots in your town to have the perfect weekend staycation with your family. So skip the suitcases and get ready for a fun weekend with your family right in your own town. 

Backyard Camping - If you are brave enough to go camping with your family-go for it! If roughing it in a tent is not your style, you can still get in touch with nature with a little backyard camping. Setup a tent in the backyard and camp for the night or for just a few hours. Use a fire pit or make your own fire pit with charcoal in a terra cotta pot. Now you can roast marshmallows for s'mores while you sit by your own DIY campfire. The best part of this camping, if you have young kids that change their mind late at night, you can always take the camping party inside. 

Find Your Favorite Sea Creature - Head to an aquarium to explore sea creatures. But before you go, head to the library and help your kids do a little research on their favorite sea creature. Look at age appropriate books and search the web. You can even create a scavenger hunt for the aquarium. This is a great way to slow kids down a bit so they don't just run through aquarium and miss all of the creatures.   

Play Tourist In Your Town - If there are local festivals, landmarks, and museums that you've always wanted to take your family to, now is the time to do it! Play tourist in your own town by visiting all of these local locations while on our staycation. Check around for local deals and discounts to save a few dollars and at the end of the day, you can head home to your comfy bed rather than taking everyone back to a hotel. Be sure to try restaurants that you and your family have never tried! It's time to have fun and explore your town.