Good Driver Best Practices   

Concentration.  Concentration is key to good driving.  If you're distracted and deep in thought changes are, you are not paying close attention to the road.  Try to remember that driving can be dangerous, so it's best to give it all your attention.   

Defensive Driving and Anticipating Potential Accidents.  Being a defensive driver and anticipating causes of potential accidents requires your complete concentration.  Being a defensive driver is probably one of the smartest things you can do on the road to protect yourself from a bad accident.   

Knowledge of the Rules of the Road.  I don't know if it's just me, but sometimes it seems as if many people have actually just forgotten the rules of the road.  It is important that everyone follows the law so that there is some order and safety for everyone involved.   

Stay off of mobile phones and devices.  It's illegal to text while driving in many countries now but in the US when you drive down the freeway, especially in rush hour, it often seems like everyone is sending texts behind the wheel.  It's actually quite frightening as a study in Sweden found it was more dangerous to use your phone while driving than drinking and driving.   

Wear your seatbelt and make sure you children's car seats are secure. This might seem rather obvious but many people don't wear their seat belts.  Also children should be in car seats because they are 90% less likely to be injured if secured probably in car seat.  Make sure it is installed properly because the safety of a car seat is drastically reduced if it is not installed properly, and most are not.  You can have them installed properly where you purchase them and you can get safety checks at many hospitals.  

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