Fall is a beautiful time, and there are so many amazing fairs to go to. From the huge ones that span weeks to the small towns, you can get everything you want out of these fun weekend trips. But parking can be a chore. We spent one fall fair cursing the weather as my sister's minivan was bogged down in the muddy field that was serving as a lot, despite the rain we'd had all week. Here are some tips to save your sanity.

1.       Plan Ahead

Check the weather and check the designated parking. If it's been pouring, the main lot is a field and you have a low to the ground front wheel drive car, you may struggle. Rather than waiting until you pull in to deal with this, check out your other options. If you HAVE to park there, have a plan for getting stuck. Old mats, kitty litter, anything that will help you grip your way out.

2.       Bring Cash

More and more vendors are able to accept cards, but when it comes to parking, it's a cash business. Exact change is definitely key to keeping things moving.

3.       Take the shuttle.

If there is a shuttle option, TAKE IT. I always resisted because I hate relying on anyone else to get me somewhere and I'm not a huge bus person, but after a truly horrendous experience in a vast, crowded, dirty field, I definitely changed my tune. It actually SAVED us time, and cash too!

4.       Take a picture.

There are usually no parking signs to remind you of where you are in that big field. I take several pictures (from the end of the row, from the street, basically my whole walk) and jot down notes in my phone (we're five rows down from the 2nd entrance, directly across from the ferris wheel).

5.       Get a Car Wash

After you leave, don't wait for the next fall rain to get your car cleaned. Get a nice, thorough wash to keep your car running great

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