How to Stop a Small Windshield Crack From Spreading

There are two situations I often find myself in when it comes to car repair. The big ones that are expensive and feel major, and the little ones. The little ones seem easier. A smaller dollar amount, here and there, just a short amount of time in the repair shop, but when you look at them, they can really add up! In the past two months, I needed to replace a battery, fix a small leak, and repair a tire. None of these things were a big deal, but when I was handing over my cash for the tire, I was feeling done.

So when I took my car through the car wash and a nice man at the entrance starting circling little chips in my windshield and offering his windshield service, I was not feeling it. These were marks that I couldn't see, but when you're driving a decent amount, they happen. I know that I cringe when I'm driving and a truck kicks up a rock and I search frantically for signs of trouble. So I did believe they were there, but I turned down the offer.

I know that a small chip or crack can turn into a problem, so I didn't want to ignore them entirely. Fortunately there is a very easy solution to keep those tiny imperfections tiny, and it can cost as little as one dollar. Clear nail polish can keep chips and crackers from growing and spiderwebbing, and it's an easy DIY.

First, clean the windshield with soap and warm water. Make sure there is no dirt, salt, or anything else around the area you're treating. Dry the area well. Then, take your clear nail polish and apply a thin layer over the cracked or chipped spot. Let it dry completely. Add a second coat if desired, but it won't be necessary for most spots. That's it. This thin layer of nail polish will help seal the edges and prevent the temperature or other elements from causing these little dings to grow, spread and cost you money!

Of course, if you have a noticeably larger spot, or you do see growth, make sure you take care of them with a professional for safety. But this can save you some time and money on a little repair, making the bigger stuff easier to swallow!

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