Snow turned into rain, a lot of rain, pretty quickly around here. As yards are now puddles and many basements are wet, it's a good a time to review how to approach water-covered roads while driving.

·         During heavy rainfall, listen to local news broadcasts for information regarding flood-prone areas, and avoid them when possible.

·         Never ignore barricades or signs directing you away from standing water on the roadways.

·         Always avoid driving through standing water. Even as little as 12 inches can sweep vehicles away, and roads are easily damaged and known to collapse under the duress of water.

 If there are no alternate routes and through the water is the only way to safety, drivers should…

o   pay attention to the other vehicles in an effort to estimate the depth of the water. Note where the water rises on the other cars, and proceed accordingly.

o   Fallen trees or other large debris traveling downstream can crush or trap you. Steer clear of all debris.

o   Drive steadily, trying not to brake, as braking may stall your engine.

o   If there are downed electrical lines in the water, do not drive through.

o   Waters rise quickly, and if you find yourself unable to control the car any longer, GET OUT! If you can't open your door, roll down the window and head to higher ground immediately.


Safe travels!

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