Christmas for Your Car: Gifts to Keep The Wheels Turning Merrily! 

'Tis the season for giving gifts! You will race about to make sure the stockings are full for your kids, your spouse, and your family and friends, so why not add your car to the list? 

Yes! Your car! With the winter months upon us, it's the perfect time to let the holiday spirit of giving extend to the four wheeled machine that keeps you going the other 364 days of the year. Consider: 

1.  A Winter Tune-Up: recommends that you give your vehicle a winter tune up that will ensure a smooth ride over the river and thought the woods to grandma's house and beyond. This includes a visit to your favorite mechanic for a tune-up, having fluids checked and topped off, checking the brakes and repairing any possible problems, and making sure the heaters, defrosters, and wipers are in top working order. 

2. Jumper Cables: A shiny new set of jumper cables will ensure that you will be ready to combat any possible battery issues, as well as help any friends with problems of their own. A jump from you could be the difference between another motorist making it home in time fotr dinner or being stranded on the side of the road. Be a good citizen and gift your car some cables! 

3. Breakdown Kit: A box filled with bottled water, flares, gloves and a blanket, non-perishable snacks, an ice scraper, a battery-operated phone charger, and road salt/kitty litter could be a lifesaver in the event of a breakdown. 

4. An Auxiliary Cable: This little cable will allow you to plug your phone into your sound system. It might seem silly, but it could be the difference between listening to the Color Me Badd CD for the millionth time or jamming out to your favorite Pandora channel. Modern technology brings the world to our phones, and that phone is just a plus away from connecting the same magic to your car! 

5. A Trash Receptacle: There is no way that I drive the only car that gets overwhelmed with water bottles, receipts, gum wrappers and other assorted garbage. Get the mess under control and invest in a trash receptacle for your car. They can range from small "cans" that will sit in your cup holders to zippered bags that can hang from the passenger seat. 

6. A Spa Day: Does your car need a little TLC? Drop it off to your closest car wash/detailer to get those crevices vacuumed, windows shined, seats shampooed and consoles wiped. You will feel like you are driving a brand-new vehicle with just a few hours of auto pampering. 

7. A New Pair of Sunglasses: The glasses are for you, of course. You'll want them when you're driving around town in your newly-pampered wheels! 

Optional: Car Antlers and Red Nose, obviously. 

These gifts will keep your car, as well as your life, running smoothly for the rest of the holiday season and beyond! Visit your closest car maintenance shops and online retailers and give your wheels a Merry Christmas! 

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